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Discover our marriage counsellors and psychological counsellors offering care for your marriage relationship.

You need to get it right - the first time! Your marriage is far too precious to trust to just anyone. You need to know that the psychological marriage counselling you get is right for you and for your relationship. Book your first session now or read on for the confidence you need:

About the Marriage Counselling we offer: All of our relationships are marked by a constant flow of both pitfalls and opportunities. It's never easy to choose the right course and, often, even the best of the choices avaliable are fraught with great anxiety and stress.

In challenging times such as these, all of us need someone to rely upon, someone we can trust to have our back and help us find our way through to the other side of the marriage or couples relationship challenges facing us.

You deserve a steady voice of reason and an outside prespective informed by the latest psychological findings and marriage counselling techniques.

This is why so many are turning to our Marriage Counselling services to help steer their relationships onto the optimal path of personal fulfillment and relational success! They trust our knowledge and advanced training to help them learn to communicate, minimize relationship stress, decrease performance anxiety and create the deeply satisfying intimacy you know you deserve.

When relationship distress strikes, everyone knows there is no time to waste. You just can't gamble the future of your precious relationship with an unproven psychologist. We get that Professional accountability, decades of experience and focused knowledge are essential.

That's why we offer:

  1. PROFESSIONAL ACREDITATION - Bodies we hold full or provisional registrations with include the College of Alberta Psychologists, The Professional Association of Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists and Theravive's Values based therapist registry. Rest assured that all of our therapists and associates are conformed to the highest standards of ethics and professional practice. Experience it today!
  2. MASTERS LEVEL MARRIAGE THERAPISTS - The standard training in social work, psychology and counselling techniques we all have is good, but it isn't enough. That's why all of our Certified Professional Counsellors hold graduate (Masters) degrees in Counselling, Psychology or Christian Counselling with a special focus on resolving marriage and intimate relationship distress.
  3. SOLUTION FOCUSED MARRIAGE THERAPY - There is no need to be in counselling forever. That's why our solution focused approach is tailored to your needs and continues to resolve marriage difficulties in the minimum number of sessions possible.
  4. EVENING HOURS - The modern work week is a long way from 9:00AM - 5:00PM. That's why we offer both daytime and evening hours Monday through Friday. Get started with your first session today!

Call us for more information! Book a session with our therapists or talk to us about the unique option of a joint husband/wife team of therapists working together to help your marriage survive and thrive!

Marriage Counselling Calgary

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