Marriage Counselling Calgary before it’s too late!

Marriage Counselling Calgary

Are you in Calgary and seeking couples counselling services or Christian Marriage Counselling?

Are you seeking ways to resolve conflict or longing to feel closer to each other?

Has infidelity left you desperate for healing?

Then Henze and Associates: Counselling and Care can help. For over nineteen years, helping couples become closer, more connected and masterful at resolving anger and conflict has been our focus and our specialty!

Read on for more information on the marriage counselling services we offer or follow this link to request a Couples Therapy Calgary appointment today.

First steps of Marriage Counselling: Assessment.

The first session is always about exploration. We take the time to talk through both the good and the difficult areas of your relationship with a special focus on the perspectives you each bring and the steps you have taken in the past to try and address the concerns you are facing.

Often we start with a review of your family background and the beginnings of your journey together: Your personal love story, your attraction to each other and the positive memories you built as your relationship blossomed!

We take the time to understand your communication styles, to clarify your areas of strength and understand how you attach, show affection, demonstrate intimacy, support, trust and spend time together as a couple.

The purpose of the Calgary Couples Counselling assessment phase is gathering information and understanding the patterns and themes of your relationship. We’re looking to understand what you would define as successful marriage counselling.

Ultimately, we want to identify your goals and catch your vision for your marriage as we together begin to work towards the stable and satisfying relationship you both desire.

Next steps of Marriage Counselling: Understanding, Connection and Conflict Resolution

Let’s face it, it’s far too easy to focus on annoying differences or get caught up in only seeing the negative parts of our relationships, such that we neglect each other’s needs and grow further and further apart. We usually know what we should be doing, we just hurt too bad to do it.

The best couples therapy Calgary has to offer will always be focused on helping you to become more connected in love and friendship. Often we have to ask couples to temporarily put aside some of their hot-button issues while we work to restore an emotional climate of connection in the relationship. Rebuilding patterns of connection that create security, love and belonging helps each of you to associate your spouse with good and positive feelings.